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        Used Modular Buildings & Office Trailers


Used Modular Buildings & Used Office trailers



Used Modular Buildings & Used Office Trailers, serving customers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and New York, Connecticut, and Virginia.

     Used Modular Buildings .com is a superior source for used modular buildings, used office trailers, new modular buildings, new office trailers, and new guard houses. We may call it a used modular building, but most of our used modular buildings have been refurbished to a "like new condition" that sell for less. The company specializes in the refurbishment of used modular buildings and used office trailers.  We start with used modular buildings, and used office trailers replacing all doors, windows, exterior/interior wall finishes, and floor coverings.  These used modular building and used office trailers will be brought up to current codes and restored to a "like new condition".  We provide many options for interior/ exterior walls and floor finishes.  Our used modular buildings and used office trailers have the versatility to be used for a multitude of applications including Construction trailers, office trailers, modular sales  offices, modular offices, and modular classrooms

     If you have space needs that have to be met immediately, our refurbished used modular buildings can be altered and delivered within days of your order.  Compared to new modular buildings and new office trailers, refurbished used modular buildings and office trailers have a 10% to 40% savings in labor and material cost due to the fact we are using existing structures. Factory orders on new modular buildings and new office trailers can have lead times of up to 90 days.  Compared to new buildings, existing modular buildings may allow us to complete your project in a much timelier fashion.  This is why we keep in stock new modular buildings and new office trailers. Check our new building inventory at twinmodular.com if you think a new building is right for you. We are family owned and operated with over 20 years of experience in the Modular building industry.  

     Take advantage of our lease/purchase options and buy your new or used modular building over time, saving working capital to grow your business.

Check our Available Buildings link, we may have the used modular building or the used office trailer you are looking for in stock and ready for delivery. 

Twin Modular Buildings is located in Southern New Jersey servicing customers in New York, NY,  New Jersey, NJ,  Connecticut, CT., Pennsylvania, PA,  Delaware, DE, Maryland, MD, and Virginia, VA.

     Twin Modular Services also manufactures a complete line of security buildings, guard houses, in-plant offices, and restrooms, shower/locker room facilities. For complete details go to guardhousesonline.com.


Do you have a pre-owned building you would like to sell? Twin Modular also takes trades.Contact us for more information on this and many other options we can provide our customers.

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